PGG Wrightson Turf New Zealand

PGG Wrightson Turf has been breeding turfgrass seed specifically for the New Zealand environment for over 40 years and has established itself as an innovative market leader in turfgrass breeding, and turf research and evaluation. Our aim is to supply New Zealand Turf Managers with high performance turfgrass solutions for the unique challenges faced by the New Zealand turf industry.

PGG Wrightson Turf is also positioned as a market leader in revegetation seed breeding and research and evaluation for the delivery of solutions across New Zealand. Our DuraVeg brand is at the forefront of innovation delivering complete environment rehabilitation and erosion control solutions to meet the demanding characteristics of New Zealand environments.

From professional sports turf and turf landscaping to revegetation and erosion control, our research and development driven team is equipped with the technical knowledge and market leading products to help you achieve the best possible solution.