Unique Endophyte Technology

Introducing AVANEX®, where innovation meets turf management excellence. Our cutting-edge endophyte technology offers a unique solution for reducing bird populations near sports fields, amenity areas, and airfields, while fortifying turf against wear and tear. By harnessing endophytes' alkaloids, AVANEX® can also reduce various bird species and grazing animals feeding on the grass.

AVANEX® doesn't stop there – its fortified cultivars are built to endure aircraft activity, jet forces, and braking on airfields, extending these benefits to sports and amenity turfs. Embrace the future of turf management with AVANEX® Unique Endophyte Technology.




A potential tool for airports

AVANEX® Unique Endophyte Technology may assist in reducing the number of birds on or near airfields. The alkaloids produced by the endophytes not only reduces the number of insects but can also reduce feeding a number of bird species, including finches, gulls and wild Canada geese.

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A potential tool for sports grounds

Colosseum perennial turf ryegrass incorporating AVANEX® Unique Endophyte Technology was born out of sport. It was first bred from the few surviving plants out of a test cricket pitch and these plants were then crossed, resulting in a cultivar capable of withstanding extremely adverse conditions.

The benefit for sports grounds? AVANEX® can help to deliver insect free playing surfaces, along with less excreted waste from birds in addition to reducing the possibility of birds themselves interfering with play. Turfgrasses with AVANEX® have also proven themselves to be extremely persistent and resilient to the rigours of top level competitive sport.

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A potential tool for Holiday Parks

Birds and rabbits can cause damage to turfgrass located in holiday park amenities. Not to mention the potential health risk to families from their faeces. AVANEX® Unique Endophyte Technology can help to deter birds and rabbits in these areas because the alkaloids produced by the endophytes reduce the number of insects available for them to feed on. In addition, when turfgrass with AVANEX® is eaten by herbivorous birds, they fell unwell and associate that grass with a bad experience, so feed elsewhere in the future.

With hot, dry conditions experienced by many New Zealand holiday parks during peak periods, AVANEX® has proven to also be a vigorous and persistent producer.

A potential tool for Parks, Waterways and Reservoirs

AVANEX® Unique Endophyte Technology can help to deliver cleaner, pest free recreational areas with a reduced risk of bird fouling. In addition, AVANEX® can help in areas where a reduced reliance on pesticides is required.