DuraScape® New Zealand

Introducing the DuraScape® range of certified seed blends for home and lifestyle block owners. Using the same cultivars and blends as used in the DuraTurf® range by New Zealand pro-turf customers including leading stadiums and golf courses, the DuraScape range is conveniently packaged and available in 1 kg and 5 kg options. The range features Superstrike® seed treatment technology to maximise seedling establishment and plant development. For landscape excellence, DuraScape has a blend just for your needs.

Home lawn Guide

An attractive lawn complements any garden and adds prestige to your property. Many people are unhappy with the results of their efforts in sowing a new lawn. To help you avoid disappointment PGG Wrightson Turf offer the same quality seed mixtures and fertiliser that professionals use.

Download the Home Lawn Guide for some tips on how to establish a successful lawn.

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DuraScape® All Purpose

  • A blend of dark turf perennial ryegrasses.
  • A fast establishing blend ideal for an all purpose lawn that can handle wear & tear and has excellent presentation.
  • Also includes creeping red fescue, chewings fescue and browntop.

All DuraScape mixes contain Superstrike® seed treatment technology.

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DuraScape® Traditional

  • A blend of chewings fescue, creeping red fescue and browntop.
  • This mix will produce a fine textured lawn suited for low mowing, with good drought and shade tolerance.
  • It won’t withstand the wear and tear delivered by blends with turf perennial ryegrasses, however with care and attention this blend will provide you with an excellent show lawn.

All DuraScape mixes contain Superstrike® seed treatment technology.

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DuraScape® Sports Oval

  • A blend of 3 winter-active, hard wearing turf perennial ryegrasses.
  • The cultivars in this blend contain Mediterranean germplasm which enables them to germinate and establish at low temperatures such as late winter or early spring.
  • Rapid establishment and rapid recovery from wear.

All DuraScape mixes contain Superstrike® seed treatment technology.

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DuraScape® Fine Fescue

  • A blend of creeping red and chewings fescue that has excellent drought and shade tolerance.
  • This mix will produce a very fine textured lawn that will establish slower than blends containing turf perennial ryegrasses.
  • Annual weeds such as Poa annua can be controlled in this lawn.

All DuraScape mixes contain Superstrike® seed treatment technology.

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Useful Tips

Spring and autumn are the best times to sow a new lawn. Consider a weed spray 2 – 3 months after establishment, with a suitable selective broadleaf weed spray (read directions thoroughly to ensure your weed spray is suitable to your seed blend). Sprays should be registered for turf.

It is best to remove clippings from your lawn when mowing, especially at establishment time, as clippings may smother the new lawn.

Watch for insect pests, an insecticide may be required if insect damage is observed. Consider a soil test to check for any nutrient deficiencies and pH levels to help create optimum conditions for establishment.

All herbicides and insecticides as mentioned above must be used in accordance with label instructions.

Ongoing Care

Mowing – never mow more than 1/3 of the lawn height in one mow.

If the lawn becomes long, reduce height gradually over time.

Mow regularly to encourage lawn density.

Fertilise every 2 - 3 months with a quality slow release fertiliser during the growing season.

Spray your lawn for weeds once a year.

It will be necessary to water lawns in dry summer months as this is when stress is observed with most lawn types.

Superstrike® Turf

DuraScape seed blends are specially designed to make it easier to establish new, or rejuvenate existing lawns. Superstrike treated blends promote fast, vigorous seed growth and during establishment plants show strong root and tiller development.

Superstrike turf seed treatment is recommended for all lawn seed applications where seedling diseases and bird theft are likely to have detrimental effects on plant establishment.

Superstrike Turf Seed Treatment Includes:

  • A contact fungicide – effective against the “damping off” diseases (Pythium and Fusarium).
  • Bird repellent – reducing the likelihood of bird theft of seed.
  • A film coat treatment where no weight is added.